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1. Is AmbitionBox only for job seekers?
No, AmbitionBox can be accessed by both job seekers and employers. It is a trusted and transparent place that aims at sharing helpful information for the entire career community. Job seekers can write and share company reviews and interview stories, while employers who are registered with us can add their responses to the reviews and join the conversation on our website.
Registration with AmbitionBox is free. Not only can a registered employer reply to reviews, but with the upcoming features, soon he/she will be able to edit the company page and view company review analytics as well.
2. How are reviews moderated on AmbitionBox?
AmbitionBox moderates every piece of content thoroughly.
  • We apply proprietary technology filters & algorithms that analyze multiple attributes of the content, including attempted spamming and abuse.
  • If the content does not pass technological review, a team of human moderators reviews the content to determine if it meets our guidelines.
  • Additionally, a human always moderates any piece of content that is flagged for secondary review.
  • 3. Are users verified while posting reviews? How do you know if a user’s inputs are genuine?
    While posting a review, a user is prompted to login via a valid social networking account for verification purposes. However, he may choose not to log in. In this case, if the user’s content meets our guidelines, the content is published. We do not have control over user’s identity verification beyond this.
    As per our community guidelines, we expect a user to submit truthful reviews. We also encourage users to think from every possible perspective and include both pros and cons statements to provide a thoroughly balanced review.
    All content posted by a user goes through moderation. Our algorithms keep an eye on attempted spamming and abuse. Additionally, if a user’s content is reported, we further review the content and verify his employment details via Naukri and other social networks.
    We are soon adding a feature, wherein a user will be tagged as ‘verified user’ if he has mentioned his employment details on
    4. Can anyone write anything about a company on AmbitionBox?
    No, at AmbitionBox we have well-defined Community Guidelines for both the job seekers and the employers. Our community guidelines clearly state the kind of content that is accepted on our website and the one that qualifies to be removed. For example, we do not approve reviews that include certain profanities, threats of violence, racism, or discriminatory language targeted at an individual or group. However, general discussions of workplace misconduct are allowed, including most discussions of illegal activities, discrimination, and sexual harassment.
    5. Can an employer remove reviews about his company?
    No. If an employer feels that a particular review is misleading, he/she can report the review using the ‘Report’ feature below each review. However, he/she will be required to mention the reason for reporting and provide relevant evidence to support the claim. Additionally, an employer who is registered with AmbitionBox can respond to a review anytime. Registration with AmbitionBox is free.
    When a review is reported, it undergoes through moderation again. However, if the review is still found to be in line with our Community Guidelines, we will not be able to remove it. Ultimately, all content decisions are within our sole discretion. For any queries regarding this, contact us at
    6. If a company has no account on AmbitionBox, can users still write reviews about it?
    Yes, a user can write review and interview stories about any company, irrespective of the fact whether the company is registered on AmbitionBox or not.
    7. Can an employer respond to reviews?
    Yes, an employer who is registered with AmbitionBox can respond to a review anytime. Registration with AmbitionBox is free. He/she can add his response to a review and join the conversation. However, any unprofessional response such as asking the user to disclose his identity, and threatening the reviewer in any form will not be accepted. Similarly, any content in the form of advertisement of the company is not acceptable either. Read our Employer Response Guidelines section in Community Guidelines to know in detail.
    8. Can an employer edit his company page?
    This feature is currently unavailable. However, soon an employer will be able to edit his company page. For this, the employer must be registered with AmbitionBox. Click here to get early access to an Employer Account on AmbitionBox. You may also report of any discrepancies in your company page directly to
    9. What can an employer do to get good reviews on AmbitionBox?
    We recommend employers to encourage their past and current employees to write reviews. This could help companies get better ratings. However, please keep in mind that any evidence that employees were compensated or coerced into leaving a review, will lead to immediate removal of reviews from our end.
    10. How is the aggregate rating or overall rating of each company calculated?
    AmbitionBox has two types of ratings - Individual Rating, such as ratings related to work-life balance, skill development, compensation, and benefits, etc. and Overall Rating. Both the ratings are provided by the user at the time of posting a review. Overall rating for a particular company is calculated as a simple average of all the overall ratings of published reviews of that company.
    11. Why my competitor’s reviews are better than mine?
    There could be several reasons that your competitor’s reviews are better than yours. For example, the number of your reviews might be very less. Less number of reviews may not present a clear picture of the company.
    In order to up your game, encourage your past and current employees to leave reviews for your company. This can help you get better ratings. However, please keep in mind that compensating or coercing employees into leaving a review is against our community guidelines. The reviews will be immediately removed in such a case.
    Additionally, you are advised to take the negative reviews and ratings constructively and analyze the parameters that you are lacking on. For instance, if your company generally receives lower ratings on work-life balance section, maybe it is time to take care of this aspect.
    Over time we believe as you start getting more reviews the overall rating would give a better picture of your organization.
    12. Can an employer request for the identity of a reviewer?
    No. We allow users to post reviews anonymously as well as with their user details (like Name, Photo, Designation, etc). The employer will be able to view only the information that is publicly available on our website. By no means, the identity and any other information of the user will be disclosed by us. Refer to our Terms and Conditions section for further details.
    13. Can an employer ask employees to write reviews on AmbitionBox?
    Yes, you can encourage your past and current employees to write reviews. However, be careful and do not offer incentives in return of a review. We will remove reviews where we have evidence that employees were compensated or coerced into leaving a review.
    14. How a company profile gets added to AmbitionBox?
    If your company is not registered with us, you may still see your profile on our website. AmbitionBox adds company profiles to its website through its database. Additionally, a number of times, company profiles are created on our website when a user (who is or was associated with the company as an employee) writes a review about it.
    15. Do you allow reviews that name specific individuals in the organization?
    We allow reviews that name individuals in any position in a company currently or previously employed, as long as the review describes an individual’s behaviour and/or performance at work. Individuals in this category may also include those who are the public face of the company (C-Suite, Executive Director, President, Owner, Founder, etc.). We believe this information is generally representative of a company’s culture and can be highly informative to our users.
    16. Can an employer request to get its profile removed from the site?
    No, a company profile cannot be removed from our website. You can, however, report of any discrepancies in your company page by reaching out to us at Furthermore, if you are concerned about certain negative reviews about your company, you can report the same using the ‘Report’ feature below each review. Kindly mention the reason for reporting and provide relevant evidence to support the claim.
    17. Do you offer paid services which allow employers to remove negative reviews from your site?
    No, AmbitionBox does not offer any paid services to remove or write reviews. All reviews on our website are posted by real employees and candidates. Refer to the question ‘Can an employer remove reviews about his company?’ to understand in detail.
    There are, however, other paid services like Company Review Analytics that will be launched soon. This feature will help you get better insights into your company reviews and make improvements
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